Weekly Horoscope: June 13 – 19 – Youqueen

It’s a new week and time for a fresh start. As always, you can depend on our weekly horoscopes to help you make the most of the week to come! See what’s in store for your sign.

There’s a lot going on in the stars this week with Mercury now in chatty Gemini and the lovely Venus giving off more of a cozy kind of energy as she moves into the intuitive and protective sign of Cancer.

There is also a karmic kind of feel to the events that will unfold in the coming week. Read on to find out where you’ll feel these transiting energies and how to best prepare for the week ahead.



Relationships and partnerships seem to take precedence as you start the week, Aries. Your need for independence causes a rift or makes your partner feel less secure in the relationship, but there are deeper issues at the root of whatever problems arise. Emotionally you may not feel like you have much more to give this week and communication is required to smooth things over.

Your ruler, Mars, is in Scorpio and is caught up in a stressful transit involving Venus and Uranus until the weekend comes, making events that transpire rather stressful. Over the weekend Venus makes her move into the more emotionally available Cancer and you’ll feel a bit more receptive to the needs of others.


The retrograde Mars is still stirring things up in your relationship zone early this week, Taurus, and you’ll be feeling things rather intensely. It’s easier to communicate our thoughts with others with Mercury now in Gemini, but you’ll want to take your time in making any concrete decisions.

All this relationship stress has been building up over the last couple of weeks and it’s time to turn all that angst into passion. If you are not in a relationship already there’s a possibility of someone new coming into your life this weekend who can help you to see things in a more positive light. This encounter almost feels fated and could mark a pivotal point in your life.

Venus moving into Cancer is going to make you want stability and a feeling of being protected in your romantic relationships. You are ready for things to settle down some and soon they will. Trust your instincts about people now and don’t get caught up in disillusionment.


You’ll be feeling particularly creative early on in the week, Gemini, and finding an outlet of expression will be easy to do. With your ruler, Mercury, now at home in your sign your energy levels are high and communication with others is a key theme in your life right now. Others may come to you for advice now because of your wide range of knowledge on many different topics and your ability to look at a situation from different angles.

This weekend your focus shifts to home and family and you want to be close to those you love and care for. You may get the opportunity to expand your home or relocate or a new addition may enter into the family. This will feel like a fated transition surrounded by positive energy.



This week your main priority is going to be home and family, Cancer, and finding a good sense of balance within your home.

If you have children you will feel especially in-tune with their needs and wants and you will want to see them doing things that make them happy because that makes you happy. Creativity is high and there is a lot of potential for romance to pop up as you move toward the middle of the week.

As Venus enters your sign on Friday, you feel a need for more security in your relationships and you want more than just a fling.

Others find you particularly attractive now and you are feeling at your best. You’ll find it easy to articulate your thoughts this weekend and you have a large desire to learn new things.

If you have been wondering about the status of a relationship this weekend could be the time when you solidify things and make a commitment.


You are just full of good ideas as the week starts off, Leo, and you want to share these with your partner or whoever will listen. Your best ideas come, though, when brainstorming with like minded people, so surround yourself with good company.

With your ruler, the Sun, and Mercury both hanging out in Gemini you’ll have plenty of opportunity to connect with friends and engage in social conversation this week.

There could be a bit of emotional upheaval in your home toward the middle of the week and you feel passionate about your stance on events that have occurred.

The entrance of Venus into Cancer on Friday, however, softens the energy here and you feel more like caring for your family members rather than fighting with them. Financially you may experience some growth and perhaps move up in your current job to something more lucrative that offers you a bit more power.


Your energy is feeling a bit scattered as you enter the week, Virgo, and there are important decisions at hand that need to be made.

You’ll be focused on finances and you may be worried there just isn’t enough to go around. It may seem as though the opportunity to fix all of your current problems is there, you haven’t yet figured out how to go about putting all of the pieces together. Trust your intuition now.

You feel as though you’ve been placed in the spotlight and whether you like it or not your actions are being looked at closely. Luckily for you the ones doing the looking seem to be impressed with all you’ve done. You have to stop being so hard on yourself and come to realize that things are not as dire as they may seem.

The weekend brings Venus to your sector of wishes and dreams, which is a great place for this energy to be for you. Protect yourself from negative influences now and you’ll see that things do have a way of working themselves out.



You start the week with a lot of extra energy, Libra, and your desire for there to be balance and harmony in your world is strong. Disruptions to this harmonious feel are possible early in the week but don’t let this throw you off your game. Sometimes it’s a good idea to take a step back and look at a problem or situation from a different perspective in order to find a viable solution.

Your partner may share with you some ideas or thoughts that make you stop and think before you offer your response. Pay attention to what they have to say because somewhere in the chaotic ramblings there just might be a gem of an idea.

The end of the week brings with it the feeling that there may be someone watching over you and making sure that things go in the manner that they should.

Changes in your home life or family structure may feel fated in some way but the energy that replaces whatever is lost will be positive. Keep moving forward and maintain your focus on the future.


You aren’t feeling much like going out and being in the company of others as the week begins, Scorpio. In fact, this looks to be one of your more brooding moments. If you are feeling this way the odds are you need some time to yourself and you will do well to take it.

There is a feeling of instability surrounding you right now but with your ruler, Pluto, making a very positive connection with Jupiter you have a few things on your side when it comes to making some much needed improvements. You’ve also very likely got more people on your side than you realize right now, so don’t be afraid to reach out if you need a little help.


You feel good being surrounded by friends early in the week, Sagittarius. The positive energy you surround yourself with lifts you up and helps to distract from any frustrations that come up. You are focused on staying on the right path and you seem to be doing quite a good job at that.

You hold the power to reach your goals and to make things happen now as long as you keep things on the up and up. You are methodical in your approach to attaining achievement and people of importance are taking notice.

As Mercury moves into your relationship sector you’ll find it easier to have those important one-on-one conversations and your ability to compromise and find solutions that everyone agrees with is at its peak. Venus moves out of this area of your chart and into Cancer where the focus is more on developing a serious relationship rather than just having fun.



Your mind is focused this week and you feel that there is some kind of transformation happening within you, Capricorn. You are growing and making the necessary changes to improve your life.

There is a lot of emphasis on groups you are a part of or projects and tasks that require you to work with others this week. You could get frustrated with the unconventional way that your peers go about handling things but do your best to work together and get things accomplished. They may not be as efficient as you, but together you can get things done.

You are embarking on a spiritual journey now and the road will be one that feels slightly directed by fate. Trust your instincts and you will get to where you are meant to be. Just remember that the road isn’t always easy, but the best things in life rarely come all that easily.

On a more positive note, Venus enters your relationship zone this weekend and things between you and your partner are apt to get a lot more close and cuddly. Relationships of all kinds will seem easier and you’ll find more pleasure in those one-on-one partnerships.


You could be in for some philosophical debates early in the week, Aquarius, and your outside the box kind of thinking will bring the kind of logic that is needed. You’ll help others to see the other side of a situation and this could help to open their eyes to a new way of thinking. This is just great for you as much as you enjoy sharing your thoughts and knowledge with the world.

When it comes to your professional life, things could get stressful this week. There is some tension between you and those in your life who hold a place of authority and your more rebellious side is likely to come out. Don’t let yourself get emotionally tied up in what others think, though, or you could lose focus of what is most important.

The weekend brings a bit more harmony to your actual work environment and you’ll be feeling good about getting more organized. New job opportunities may actually come up or you may get the feeling that someone you work with has romantic feelings toward you.


This week things are going to have an extra dreamy kind of feel, Pisces, so you will have to be careful that nobody pulls the wool over your eyes. Your ruler, Neptune, will be going into retrograde at the first of the week and this can cause you to lose sight of what’s real and what’s not. It’s nice to dream, just don’t get wrapped up and lost in a fantasy world.

There is a fated kind of feel to your relationship connections this week and with Venus moving into a fellow water sign you’ll be feeling the loving energy quite a lot. Someone new may enter into your life in a romantic way and this someone will very likely make you feel as though you’ve hit the jackpot when it comes to happiness.

It’ll be important to remember that you cannot rely on another person to make you happy. There is a huge potential for love here, so do enjoy it! If you are already in a relationship you can expect for things to get more serious between the two of you. As I said, though, be sure that you don’t get lost in the fantasy of what you want things to be. Focus on the reality of life and find the awesome things that are right in front of you.